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How Healthcare Payers Can Leverage Speech Analytics to Generate Value
Today, we are amidst one of the most dynamic moments in the healthcare industry with just a handful of digitally-dead techniques. At this juncture, healthcare providers need to mine customer interactions in jig time to deliver the flawless patient experience. This whitepaper highlights the importance of speech analytics framework and explains how it can help healthcare organizations improve medication adherence, mitigate fraudulent attempts while reinforcing overall patient experience.
Reduce Customer Effort and Improve Loyalty with Interaction Analytics
Interaction analytics is a more holistic way to measure and reduce Customer Effort Score (CES). Eliminating the need to conduct a distinct CES survey, it allows measuring CES by analyzing the customer interaction data. This white paper outlines the benefits of using interaction analytics over the traditional survey method and explains the step-by-step process of calculating CES via interaction analytics.
Cost of Delaying the Adoption of Speech Analytics for Contact Centers
Using Anagram – an integrated speech analytics solution, contact centers can save thousands of dollars annually, while taking their operational efficiency and performance to the next level. This white paper sheds lights on the benefits of using speech analytics over the traditional method and explains how speech analytics can help contact centers control costs and realize operational excellence.
Driving Customer Acquisition and Retention with Predictive Analytics
With predictive analytics, the key to effective customer acquisition and retention lies in identifying the right prospects and targeting them with the right offers at the right time, and through the right channel. This white paper provides an overview of how big data and predictive analytics can help organizations optimize their customer acquisition and retention campaigns.
Overcoming Compliance Challenges with Speech Analytics
Complying with regulations is essential for contact centers as non-compliance could lead to several dire consequences like hefty fines and penalties. This white paper explains how organizations can effectively meet regulatory requirements using speech analytics software.
Improving First Contact Resolution with Customer Interaction Analytics
Amongst several key performance indicators like AHT, ASA, etc., FCR is of paramount importance for contact centers. This white paper throws light on the importance of measuring FCR and how it can be improved using customer Interaction analytics.
Getting Over Speech Analytics Challenges to Derive Maximum Value
With speech analytics market anticipated to reach $1.33 billion by 2019, organizations will be increasingly relying on it to increase their contact center operations effectiveness and revenue. This paper explains the challenges associated with speech analytics solutions and how organizations can get over them to derive maximum value.

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