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Maximize Customer Retention to Fuel Revenue Growth & Customer Relationship
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Anagram - Customer Retention Solution
Proactively manage your high-risk customers with the right action at the right time. R Systems’ Customer Retention Solution enables organizations proactively target high-risk customers with appropriate offers to prevent churn, boost loyalty, and deepen customer relationships. With integrated predictive analytics, the solution helps identify at-risk customers, project lifetime value & profitability, and determine suitable offers / treatments for customer retention programs.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Measure Customer Satisfaction and Sentiment Scores
Analyze your customer satisfaction trends and voice sentiments, as well as social scores. Find out whether these trends are getting positive or negative over time and their root causes. So, even before your customers start defecting, detect the patterns or events leading to their dissatisfaction and proactively target them with the right course of action.
Customer Interaction Analytics – Understand Actual Dynamics behind Customer Attrition
Analysis of customer interactions across different touchpoints can empower you with actionable insights on the root causes of your customer churn. Customers considering defecting, usually, share their concerns and problems, while interacting with your organization, prior to their opting out. For instance, if customers contact multiple times and complain about their ongoing unresolved issues, or display negative emotions, or mention competitors, they are, to a certain degree, showing their intention to churn in the near future. Your customers directly or indirectly let you know when they are planning to switch. But to understand your customers, you need to constantly and carefully listen to them and promptly act when needed.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Proactively Detect “High-risk” Customers before It is Too Late
With R Systems’ customer retention solution, proactively identify the customers at the risk of churn, their lifetime value and profitability, and suitable treatment options to effectively retain them. Evaluate customer interactions happening across all channel to understand your customers’ pain points, wants and needs. Detect process issues, agents’ behavioral or knowledge gaps, or policies that are leading to customer dissatisfaction and attrition, along with profound competitive and market insights. So, before it’s too late, we empower you with the right intelligence at the right time to proactively retain your valuable customers.
Get Predictive Insights to Boost Your Revenue and Customer Relationship
Identify the most suitable offers / treatments for retaining existing customers and strengthening relationships. With integrated predictive analytics, Anagram enables prescribing next-best offers for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and thus helps drive revenue growth and customer loyalty. Predict customer future buying behavior by analyzing their historic data and current actions for more effective retention campaigns.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Retention Programs
Assess the performance of retention programs by setting and measuring the metrics directly linked with its success. Using balanced scorecards, measure the performance of your retention staff and optimize your retention efforts and results.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework