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Optimize Contact Center Operations to Drive Performance & Bottom-Line Savings
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Anagram – Operational Excellence Solution
Gain a holistic view of your contact center operations. With R Systems’ Ops Excellence Solution, analyze, predict and effectively manage your contact center KPIs, including Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution, Average Handle Time and Retention Efforts. Working with R Systems’ professionals, identify the gaps and steps to improve your operational efficacy and get a complete roadmap to transcend to newer capabilities.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Identify Call Types Contributing to Your Call Volume
Anagram enables performing a call driver analysis to categorize call types creating the highest volume and handle times, or leading to repeat contacts. Identification of call types enables detecting the most common problem areas and devising the action plan to efficiently handle them. Capitalize on our Customer Interaction Analytics solution to operate more effectively and productively with profound insights around your contact center operations.
Manage Your Contact Center Operations More Efficiently
Manage your contact center operations with powerful dashboards and predictive scorecards. Anagram – Ops Excellence Solution empowers you with intuitive dashboards, displaying measures of operational metrics and individual performance to enable informed actions.

Ensure a splendid customer experience, while effectively meeting your quality goals and business drivers with automated quality monitoring and compliance analysis. With R Systems’ data analytics framework – Anagram, analyze your all customer interactions to efficiently perform your quality assessments and achieve quality scores.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Analyze, Predict and Optimize First Contact Resolution
Evaluate your FCR data, along with historical information and customer profiles for deeper FCR insights and more predictive contact patterns. Anagram – Ops Excellence Solution equips you with a complete view of your FCR, including historic events, present actions, and predicted future events, as well as the root causes of issues impacting the FCR. Use these insight to optimize your FCR, and thus your customer experience, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and bottom-line savings.
Optimize Your Handle Times to Keep Operating Costs Low
Identify call types causing long handle times and find out why your agents are taking so long to handle certain calls. With R Systems’ Anagram – Ops Excellence Solution, analyze customer conversations, agent performance and process effectiveness to find out the root causes of extended handle times and identify the most suitable actions to optimize it. Leveraging predictive modelling, our Ops Excellence Solution predicts AHT trends and recommends appropriate treatments to improve the results.

Working with R Systems’ analysts, evaluate talk and non-talk time percentage, perform targeted listening, and identify process inefficiencies and needed coaching areas. As remedial actions are taken, we monitor results to assess their helpfulness and drive in continuous improvements.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Effectively Manage Your Agent Performance
Dig deep into your agent performance with R Systems’ Ops Excellence Solution and identify all possible improvement opportunities. Analyze customer interactions to evaluate agents on defined KPIs, including FCR, AHT, CSAT, etc. With evaluation on the most relevant interactions, address your agents’ knowledge and skills gaps with targeted coaching. Besides, we help you optimize your agents’ performance and revenue growth with real-time up-sell/cross-sell and retention recommendations.

Anagram – Ops Excellence Solution predicts agent churn and provides actionable insights on the root causes of agent performance issues. With enhanced reporting, interactive dashboards and scorecards, our solution enables contact center quality managers to effectively manage agent performance, while improving customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty and happiness.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework