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Manage a seamless, unique & fulfilling customer experience across all channels
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Anagram - A Complete Customer Experience Management Suite
R Systems helps organizations create, deliver and manage consistent, compelling and frictionless customer experiences across all touchpoints. Our customer experience management solution enables analyzing and monitoring customer experience data and feedback from all sources to understand customers’ preferences, needs and issues. With analytical insights, we ensure you deliver an outstanding customer experience, which is truly omni-channel, seamless and fulfilling.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
More efficiently and effectively deliver on your customers’ wants and needs
Anagram provides a complete view of the customer experience across different channels to enable focused actions throughout the enterprise. With deeper customer insights, optimize your customer acquisition and retention efforts, improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and drive revenue growth through repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations.
How Our Customer Experience Management Solution Helps
Deliver an Integrated Customer Experience – Right Channel Your Customer Contacts
Analyze customers’ interactions to understand their channel preferences and expectations. Based on customer insights, we help you get an integrated customer support mechanism to deliver an omni-channel customer experience. Instead of handling every customer contact independently, right channel customer contacts across connected touchpoints for a seamless experience. An integrated customer support mechanism provides a well-defined path to your customers to quickly get their issues resolved. Customers coming to your website in search of information can be given the choices for FAQs, click to chat, click to email, or click to call with you.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)
FCR has a greater impact on customer experience. Better FCR means better customer experience, better up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and better CSAT & NPS. Collect and analyze data around your customers who are contacting you and their pain areas, as well as which contact are getting resolved in the first contact and why others are leading to repeat contacts. Get actionable insights to improve FCR through optimized interactions, while getting over the most common customers’ complain of repeating themselves to get the issue resolved.
Reduce Customer Effort
Measure how hard or easy it is for your customers to do business or interact with your organization. By adding Customer Effort Score (CES) to your existing Voice of Customer program, you can achieve a full view of the customer experience. Instead of delighting customers in service interactions, reduce customer effort and make their interaction with your organization a frictionless and pleasant experience. For this, you need to map your customer journey, detect the friction points, and take informed actions to reduce the customer effort. We can help you all along.

Drive your revenue growth and customer loyalty by reducing customer effort. Make it easy for your customers to handle their issues.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Optimize Self-service Options
Analyze the effectiveness of your self-service channels to identify the gaps and opportunities for optimization. We help you detect what’s working or not working with your self-service channels and provide practical recommendations for their optimization. With us identify the key contact drivers, detect process bottlenecks and get a robust action plan to improve the efficiency of your self-service channels for elevated customer experience, agent productivity and cost savings.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Efficiently Handle Seasonal Spikes
Contact centers usually deal with spikes in call volume due to promotional campaigns or seasonal fluxes. In such a situation, meeting customers’ expectations without having to over-staff or increasing the costs remains the biggest challenge. Equipped with real-time business intelligence and a scalable customer support mechanism, contact centers can better handle these seasonal spikes, while delivering the best possible customer experience across all channels. Optimize your self-service channels and arm your agents with real-time insights and supervision to efficiently handle the additional contact volume. With R Systems’ customer interaction analytics, be assured you are complying with norms, delivering on quality standards and meeting the customer expectations.