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Automate the Compliance Monitoring For Better & Faster Results
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Anagram – Compliance Solution
Move to proactive compliance management. Address potential compliance breaches through automatic scoring and evaluation of 100% of calls. With R Systems’ Compliance Solution, measure your business and legal compliance and value at risk, while effectively meeting the regulatory and business compliance norms.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Lift Agents’ Performance through Instant Feedback
Discover whether your contact center agents are meeting the compliance norms. Through everyday scorecards and reports based on the analysis of 100% of calls, R Systems’ compliance solution apprises you whenever a gap or issue appears, enabling you to take immediate actions. With instant feedback, empower your agents to effectively meet compliance standards from the very next customer interaction.
Automate Compliance Monitoring Workflow for Speed & Accuracy
Ensure faster and better results by automating the compliance monitoring workflow. Our compliance solution comprises features that extend beyond an ordinary speech analytics solution. It allows integrating the entire workflow for a successful deployment of the compliance program.
  • Reduce penalty risk by over 99% through automated rules and final cross verification
  • Experience up to 400% improvement in the efficiency of quality assurance staff who verify & report non- compliance
  • Decrease the time spent on the monitoring of calls by 80%
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
How Anagram – Compliance Solution Helps
  • Analyze business and legal compliance
  • Assess the business and legal Value at Risk (VAR)
  • Automatic scoring and evaluation of 100% of calls
  • Workflow integration to successfully deploy the compliance program
  • Measure compliance level across 100% call volume
  • Instead of coaching everyone on everything, identify the specific coaching areas
  • Measure compliance performance overtime with reproducible reports