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Anagram – Agent Performance Scorecard
Anagram ‘Agent Performance Scorecard’ enables call center managers to view and compare agent performance, spot knowledge gaps, best-performing teams and their adherence to the pre-defined goals. Buoyed by an easy-to-use dashboard, the solution demands minimal manual efforts to determine the call types where agents need coaching and mentoring. It also provides insights into low risk & high risk interactions to help taking immediate actions.
Real time monitoring & action
With real-time call monitoring, managers can track and fix customer service issues w.r.t compliance and quality guidelines immediately.
Real-time monitoring enables supervisors to track how well customer expectations are being met by their team members. It empowers the front line managers to provide targeted coaching and mentoring without having to listen to entire call. The benefits of utilizing real-time agent scorecard are sundry, including higher first call resolution, streamlined processes, reduced customer churn and improved customer satisfaction.
Real time monitoring & action
Agent skills comparison and performance optimization
Agent skills comparison and performance optimization
Using Anagram solution, you can promptly compare your supervisors and agents on various KPIs. Also, recommend best practices to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps. The user-friendly Anagram solution offers complete flexibility to managers to filter results w.r.t region, site, product, and period.
Issues related to repeat calls, call abandoning, customer churn can be promptly identified and mitigated. As company learns to know system loopholes, it can bring immense value to the agent training & education program and customer experience. .
Low and High Risk Interactions
A pre-defined algorithm to determine high risk calls based on various dimensions such as: dissatisfied customer, ongoing unresolved issues, repeat calls etc. It helps managers gain deeper insight into the process improvement areas. With a large data pool, proficient data analysis, and deep applied learnings of industry nuances, Anagram helps detect customers with low/high risk interactions. Prompt fraud detection allows supervisors to safeguard customers against fraudsters and helps create targeted campaigns, which reinforces brand loyalty and reduces the risk of customer churn.
Low and High Risk Interactions
How Anagram – Agent Performance Scorecard Makes a Difference
  • Capture and Evaluate 100% Interactions to improve overall agent performance
  • Customize scorecards w.r.t. adherence, average handle time and quality
  • Automatically identify low & high risk interactions and take immediate actions
  • Identify gaps in agents’ knowledge and ambiguities that could trigger non-compliance
  • Analyze and compare the agents’ performance to provide targeted coaching
  • Learn best practices to make improvement and drive change
  • Cutback time-consuming quality monitoring tasks and divert focus on strategic areas
  • Utilize FTEs for call evaluation program more strategically