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Driving customer acquisition accomplishments with predictive analytics
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Anagram – Customer Acquisition Solution
Optimize your customer acquisition efforts, while reducing cost per action. Identify your best prospects by channels and the most suitable offers for optimum conversion rates. R Systems’ Anagram – Customer Acquisition Solution provides relevant insights to enable organizations target the right prospects with the right offers at the right time via the right channel to amplify customer acquisition results and return on investment.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Identify Your High-Potential & Profitable Prospects
Distinguish prospects who are more likely to respond to your specific campaigns and reach out to them via the most effective mediums. With integrated predictive analytics, R Systems’ Customer Acquisition Solution enables identifying potentially valuable customers and predict what specific products, services or deals they might be interested in. The solution builds on predictive models to sort customer segments based on their propensity to respond, considering customer profiles, transactional and external data from different sources.
Fortify Your Inbound & Outbound Customer Acquisition Campaigns
With R Systems’ Customer Acquisition Solution, optimize your customer acquisition campaigns across inbound and outbound channels with actionable insights. With us, asses your sales campaign effectiveness and the performance of your sales representatives by analyzing 100% of sales calls. Deploying R Systems’ Customer Acquisition Solution, get an ideal sales call flow and a robust action plan to improve the sales conversation rate through a compendious analysis of data, including inbound & outbound sales calls, agent demographics, customer profiles, as well as data from CRM, IVR, and ACD.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Drive Customer Acquisition with Next-Best Action
Befittingly respond to your customers’ needs and expectations with the next-best action. With R Systems’ Customer Acquisition Solution, determine your next-best action strategy for your customer acquisition campaigns. Get a complete picture of customers, including their profiles, needs and current behavior patterns to drive your inbound and outbound acquisition campaigns. Based on the anticipated needs and wants of prospects, target them with the offers that they are more likely to purchase. With our next-best action recommendation, shift to a more customer-centric acquisition approach that features a perfect balance between customers’ needs and your business objectives.
Improve the Campaign Performance by Evaluating Results
Increase your revenue with improved customer acquisition and sales results. With R Systems’ Customer Acquisition Solution, analyze your sales representatives’ performance and identify the gaps, along with a deep understanding of what’s working and not working. Equip your sales and marketing professionals with the right customer intelligence, knowledge and skills that can help them optimize sales opportunities. Working with us, move to an agile customer acquisition strategy, flexible enough to adapt to changing customers’ needs and expectations.
Anagram Data Analytics Framework