Why Do Organizations Need to Go for Analytics-driven Right Channeling?
Investing in new technologies and streamlined business processes is crucial for organizations to meet their customers’ expectations. For optimal results, organizations need to right channel customers’ inquiries as per the channel preference of their customers. Delivering superior customer services that are aligned with customers’ needs and expectations across all channels is essential for organizations to stay competitive.
Customers’ preferred channel for customer service inquiries varies depending upon the complexity and value of the inquiry. Customers usually prefer to self-solve their basic issues using the self-service channels like the company’s website or the IVR system instead of talking to a live customer service representative. Similarly, for a high value and complex inquiry, customers mostly prefer to talk to a live agent.
Therefore, understanding the customer’s preferences and key call drivers is essential for organization to meet their customer expectations and realize a multichannel customer service strategy. This task calls for analyzing customer interactions to gain insights on customer needs, preferences and behavior patterns.
Using actionable insights, analytics-driven Right Channeling can help resolve customers’ inquiries through more appropriate and cost-effective channels. By solving customers’ inquiries through the customers’ preferred channels, it can improve not only customer satisfaction, but also cost savings, agent productivity, sales conversion rate, customer experience, along with contact center metrics like FCR, AHT, ASA, NPS, etc.
Analytics-driven right channeling can be leveraged to not only deflect customer inquiries to appropriate and cost effective channels, but also continuously improve customer experience through the analysis of post contact customer feedback.
Through a combination of channels, Right channeling offers an integrated support mechanism for customers to resolve their issues. Some of the key components of an ideal Right Channeling Solution will be as follows:
  • Self-support Portal
  • Knowledgebase
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Support
  • IVR Support
  • Phone Support
  • NPS Module
  • QMS with in-built Analytics
  • Process Dashboard
Scalability and flexibility are some of the unique features of analytics-driven right channeling. It is highly scalable and flexible approach to meet emerging trends and changing customer preferences and needs. Besides making it easy for customers to self-solve their basic issues through support website and IVR, analytics-driven right channeling involves integrating other channels like email and chat with phone to offer a multi-channel customer service experience and maximum cost savings for organizations.
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Sheetal is an MBA with 6.5 years of experience in the publishing and the IT industry. She is currently working as an Assistant Manager in the RSI Marcom department.

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