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Deciphering the voice of customers to drive customer satisfaction & loyalty
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Capture Customer Expectations, Preferences, Needs, and Issues
The Most Comprehensive Voice of Customer Analytics Solution
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Capitalize on Customer Feedback to Uplift Customer Experience
R Systems’ Voice of Customer analytics solution provides valuable insights by interpreting customer feedback and data across multiple channels. By giving a holistic view of your customers’ issues, needs and expectations, it empowers you with the intelligence you need to amplify your customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.
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Collect the Voice of Customer from Everywhere
Today customers prefer to interact through a number of channels. To capture customer sentiments, you need to mine customer data from every single source. R Systems’ Voice of Customer analytics solution allows you to gather and analyze Voice of Customer from all sources, providing you a unified view of customers.
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Customers’ mode of expressing their opinions may differ from one channel to another. So, make informed customer experience management decisions by analysing customer feedback from each and every source.
Analyze Customer Sentiments across Channels
R Systems’ Voice of Customer Analytics Solution analyzes customer sentiments across channels. It exploits predictive models to give sentiment scores, distinguishing customers into high detractors, medium detractors, passives and promoters categories. Providing insights on the root causes of customers’ problems, it enables proactively targeting dissatisfied customers with the most suitable treatment options. The end results are happy and satisfied customers who eventually turn into your long-lasting brand advocates.
Convert Your Customers from being Detractors to Promoters
Anagram Data Analytics Framework
Let Your Customer Feedback Guide Your Critical Business Decisions
How Our Voice of Customer Analytics Solution Helps
  • Analyze Voice Sentiments and CSAT Trends
  • Get deeper insights around customers’ needs, expectations and issues
  • Identify patterns / events leading to dissatisfaction
  • Identify possible detractors and the root causes of dissatisfaction
  • Predict CSAT and NPS
  • Measure customer sentiment and social score
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
Analyze Voice of Customer more efficiently to get deeper insights
Effective Voice of Customer analysis is the key to get a 360-degree view of customers and optimize the customer experience. R Systems’ data analytics framework – Anagram; enables collecting and analyzing customer feedback from all sources. Using advanced speech and text analytics, our Voice of Customer analytics solution converts customer feedback into customer intelligence and enables informed actions across the enterprise.

With interactive dashboards, predictive sentiment scores and root-cause analysis, it empowers you to take quick and effective actions for improved customer experience.
anagram data analytics framework
Act on the Voice of Your Customers
Take informed actions to improve customer experience based on the Voice of Customer analysis findings. Our Voice of Customer Analytics Solution provides insights for everyone who is likely to impact the customer experience. By empowering strategic decisions around products, services, operations, and processes, it enables you to capitalize on your customer feedback to drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth to the next level.
Monitor Results for Continuous Improvements
By analyzing result data and the effectiveness of your CXM initiatives, R Systems’ Voice of Customer analytics solution provides actionable insights on the prevailing loopholes, corrective measures and best practices for improved results. Drive continuous improvements and optimal outcomes with our methodological action plan, which is driven by real-time intelligence and a foolproof ROI.

Empowering you at every stage of your customer experience management journey!
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