R Systems Healthtech Services
Healthcare TechnologyBundling Technology and Service
  • Enhance value to providers through integrated service and technology
  • Manage retain share with competitive market
Health Tech
Healthcare TechnologyHealthcare Technology Vendors

Health Tech As a healthcare technology vendor, you would gain by partnering with R Systems to provide integrated technology and service to physicians. While American providers spend only 1 to 1.5% of their revenue in technology, they spend as much as 10% in recurring billing services.

With R Systems, you can enhance your business within existing clients, and simultaneously reduce physician’s cost and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors. Your clients will never ever leave you or get a more competitive offer within U.S. or abroad.
  • Healthcare Technology Vendors : Medical Billing and accounting firms, can utilize our offshore delivery capabilities to bring down internal cost, and improve quality of service. We can work as a true partner respecting each others business boundaries, and enabling physicians and hospitals better serve at lower cost. We can also discuss to consider strategic investments in partnerships.
Health Tech
R Systems Payer Services
Adjudication, Utilization and CredentialingAdjudication, Utilization and Credentialing

Payer Services With improving follow-up capability of care providers due to global delivery, payers need more quality resources to avoid inaccurate reimbursement. R Systems works as a dedicated partner with the payer providing high quality SLA-driven claims customer support and adjudication service utilizing a mix of offshore and onshore staff.

Claims Entry, Duplicate CheckClaims Entry, Duplicate Check, Critical Error Correction and Adjudication

We can help benefit administrators like carriers, TPAs, ASOs in customizing the adjudication rule engine and utilize offshore service for improved manual adjudication for claims that cannot be auto adjudicated.

This includes:
  • Entering claims data with verifications
  • Duplicate checks
  • Collecting missing piece of information from providers’ office
  • Attending 837 conversion errors,
  • Manual adjudication based on policy directives.
  • Managing processes like secondary insurance claims, claims with attachments complying with the payer’s policy guidelines
  • Checking for member eligibility, provider status, coding compliance, inclusions and exclusions etc.
  • Payable calculation and check processing
  • Backlog handling / pend management
Pre-cert and Utilization ManagementPre-cert and Utilization Management [Authorization]

The utilization management team is capable of handling Intake of Authorization Requests, Duplicate Checks, update pre-authorized referrals, run checks on Member Eligibility, Provider Participation, Patient Demographics, Cost Shifting between hospitals and free standing facilities.

For Pre-certification of Inpatient procedures requiring clinical decision-making, decision support is provided by our overseas CGFNS certified nurses, which is subsequently validated and endorsed by registered nurses under the concerned state.

The concurrent review team attends to request for hospital / SNF stay and coordinates discharge processing.

Case managementCase management, Disease management and Global OB programs

To avoid major expenses on high-risk members, we in R Systems, are experienced to run Case Management and Disease Management programs. This involves patient education, periodic communication, drug monitoring, counseling and utilizing community resources.

Provider CredentialingProvider Credentialing, Provider education and Provider Data Upkeep

Provider credentialing process involves checking records for new providers collected through field reps and verifying it online. Locating the correct provider contract is critical to success of any carrier. Millions of healthcare dollars are paid out every year in terms of duplicate claim payment, payment to wrong provider or against wrong tax id of the same provider. Provider data upkeep team calls up provider offices to verify provider data collected through field reps, and accordingly update the provider contracts in the system.

Sales, Enrollment and Customer SupportSales, Enrollment and Customer Support

Tele/Mail/Fax Support for Members and Business Associates ClaimsTele/Mail/Fax Support for Members and Business Associates Claims Call Center

Coast to Coast support to claim queries for providers and billing companies resolving issues related to coding, medical necessities, and patient eligibility. The center is equipped with state of art equipment for Voice Logging, Skill-based Routing, Intelligent Call Volume Monitoring and CTI functions.
  • Member Enrollment and Eligibility : Our agents can remotely interact with county and prospective member to determine the eligibility, enrollment process for commercial and federal plans. The data collected through Insurance agents are entered into system, updated and skip-traced.
  • Software Solutions and Data Security : R Systems provides high-end application integration and custom solution design and development service to global clientele. R Systems experts have helped payer-end adjudication engines seamlessly adapt to HIPAA compliant EDI transactions. All our process outsourcing services are backed up by the core Information Technology team to accommodate multi-located multi-vendor systems, integration of third party tools, web services and impeccable digital security system.
R Systems Provider Services
Reimbursement and Cash AccelerationReimbursement and Cash Acceleration

R Systems can bring down the cost of complete billing and accounting to below 4% of the net revenue.

R Systems can bring down the cost of complete billing and accounting to below 4% of net revenue

Sometimes, when there is no fire, we assume we are doing great…

  • Provider X: “We are billing on time, maintaining billing accuracy, low on denials, collecting reasonably well, billing team has years of experience and we are better than many other health centers.” …After R Systems Free Reimbursement efficiency assessment…
  • Provider X: “We are billing in 4 to 7 days, maintaining 96% accuracy, only 15% denial rate, collecting nearly 90%, with an experienced billing team costing only $35K per person with benefits.” …And after R Systems took over complete revenue cycle for 40% less internal cost.
  • Provider X: “We bill within 24 hours, maintain 99.5% accuracy, less than 1% in denials, collect 96% and have the same experienced team at half the cost, and get covered against delay in collection.”
R Systems' has been working with Dept. of Health and other state depts. for more than fifteen years. A global team of 2,700 employees, including some of the industries finest billers, coders and revenue cycle experts. R Systems brings the advantage of global servicing without the pain of dealing with intermediaries. We have worked as a true partner to National Health Services (NHS) and helped it achieve the expected figures, while reducing the billing cost to a plunging 3.5% of net revenue collected.

EHR ImplementationEHR Implementation, Integration and Administration
  • Architected EHR Solution
    • Built to adapt to internal processes
    • Talks to third party systems, currently used by clinics
    • User's involved from system conception and design, creates ownership and acceptance
    • Higher initial cost but no license cost
    • Makes sense only when a large number of captive clinics are involved
  • Standard Boxed EHR software
    • Built to accommodate multiple process logic in industry. Clinics have to adapt to that
    • May have open interfaces but less likely to accommodate all third party software in clinics. Also involves future integration cost
    • Lower initial cost, but high licensing fee
    • Data migration major challenge sometimes
    • Upgrades expensive
  • Using core components of FQHC-specific EHR and customizing to make it cost-effective and still flexible
  • Any group with more than $15M in annual revenue has critical mass to tailor a EHR
  • User involvement in development phase=> acceptance and ownership
  • Need not accommodate all PM systems except the ones used by group clinics
  • Lower initial cost than 'pure build', lower subscription than 'pure buy'
  • Better negotiating power if all clinics use the same software
R Systems has been helping the State Governments realize integrated systems for more than 15 yearsR Systems has been helping the State Governments realize integrated systems for more than 15 years
  • Created online solution to implement Megan's Law for CA Dept. of Justice
  • Created online Medi-Cal eligibility and optical ordering system for CA prisons
  • Currently implementing major projects for
    • Dept. of Health
    • Dept. of Social Services
    • Dept. of Fair Employment
    • Dept. of General Services
  • Built PM, EHR, HIPAA transaction systems for several private healthcare product companies
  • Certified Level-5 in CMM; highest level in among software technology firms

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An Approach That Delivers Beyond Traditional BPO
Explore what is possible
Explore what is possible
Caring - Innovating - Transforming the Oyster delivering the Pearl
An Approach That Delivers Beyond Traditional BPO
Explore what is possible
Caring - Innovating - Transforming the Oyester delivering the Pearl
Business process outsourcing has transcended far beyond driving cost efficiencies in non-core business operations. Aligned with business objectives, it has moved to the strategic side of the business functioning plan with new technology platforms, in-built business intelligence and a paradigm shift in the very approach.

In the three decades of BPO industry, the primary focus of most BPO services providers has been on delivering contracted services and meeting the client defined SLAs. R Systems believes that the integration of services with industry-specific solutions, process innovation and new technology tools can multiply the expected returns and deliver benefits beyond traditional BPO. Our conviction takes a shape with our integrated BPO offering.

R Systems' Integrated BPO Offering is our unique approach to deliver innovative and transformative benefits to our clients beyond traditional BPO services. Our approach draws on a combination of our global talent, process transformation expertise, unique solutions and advanced technology tools.

To learn how we can help you with your business objectives and what is possible, talk to our consultants.
R Systems BPO Overview
R Systems BPO Overview
R Systems BPO offers high-quality BPO and Contact Center services and solutions with extensive experience and expertise in business process transformation. We help global organizations realize their goals and transcend to higher levels of efficacy and performance through our analytics-driven and business transformative services. Harnessing our proven process expertise and technology strength, we not only handle the business processes of our clients, but optimize them for superior results.

Using our global delivery model, seasoned professionals and multilingual support capabilities, we cater to specific needs of organizations across various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail and high-technology. Our industry-specific services and solutions are crafted to boost the competitive edge, productivity, and profitability of our clients in their respective business domains.

Working closely with our clients, we align their internal business operations with their business objectives and customer needs. While doing so, we focus on transforming the involved processes for improved customer experience, increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. Through optimized processes, inventive tools and unique solutions, we provide exceptional value to global organizations.

Quite like the Oyster delivering the Pearl...
Quite like the Oyster delivering the Pearl
R Systems Global Footprints
R Systems Global Footprints
"We are driven by our mission to emerge as the world’s leading solutions and services provider…"
R Systems Integrated Customer Service Delivery Platform
R Systems Integrated Customer Service Delivery Platform
Customer Service
Our Customer Service Offerings:
  • General Enquiry Handling
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Product Information Support
  • Account Setup & User Registration
  • Order Enquiry Handling
  • Order Taking Service
  • Billing Query & Dispute Resolution
  • Collections
  • Credit/Refund Process
  • UP-sell and Cross-sell
Our Differentiators
  • Integrated Customer Service Experience Management
  • State-of-the-art Contact Center Platform, Equipped with Intelligent Systems and Tools
  • Integrated Service Delivery Model to Provide Consistent, Speedy and Customized Services
  • Integrated QMS with built-in Feedback Mechanism, Analytics & Reporting System
  • Wide-ranging Customer Service Capabilities through an Integrated Architecture
  • Integrated Global Delivery Model ( Onshore, Offshore and Hybrid)
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-channel Support
  • Extensive Experience across a Wide Variety of Industries
R Systems delivers a multi-channel customer service experience through its unified IP-based architecture, comprising integrated systems, processes and people. Our unique capability to right channel customer interactions and efficiently handle them, results into improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand advocacy and significant cost savings for clients.

With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business context and customer expectations, we engineer a world-class customer experience that helps entice and retain customers. Backed by our global contact center expertise, skilled professionals, and intelligent response mechanisms, our customer service offerings maximize business outcomes through effective handling of customer inquiries, optimized revenue opportunities and upgraded key performance metrics.

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Technical Support
R Systems’ comprehensive portfolio of technical support services enables enterprises and their end consumers drive maximum value from their IT investments. These services are delivered through an integrated support mechanism that combines automation tools, intelligent systems, self-support solutions and dedicated teams of qualified support engineers.

Our integrated support system enables speedy and proactive resolution of technical issues, while delivering significant cost savings and business benefits to clients. With our expertise spanning from ‘How to’ queries to high-end troubleshooting and support, we provide technical support for B2B and B2C clients. It’s our 20+ years of rich domain experience, technological competency, and customer service know-how that make our technical support robust and unbeatable.

Delivered through onshore, offshore, and hybrid delivery models, our technical support services provide substantial paybacks to clients by means of cost reduction, 24/7/365 coverage across diverse geographies and time zones, information security, legal compliance, and improved productivity.
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Enterprise Support Customer Support
  • Enterprise Remote Systems Management
  • High-end NOC Support
  • Developer Support & Software Testing Services
  • Advanced Technical Support for mobile, security administration, threat and traffic management system
  • Advanced Technical Support for Data Encryption
  • Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Helpdesk Support
  • Product Installation/Configuration Support
  • Product Registration/Activation
  • Functional Usage Support Services
  • Troubleshooting & Incident Management
  • Upgrade
  • Level I, Level 2 & Level 3 Support
  • Returns & RMA Management
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
Our Differentiators:
  • An integrated support mechanism comprising IVR, ACD, CRM, CTI and knowledgebase
  • Resources with extensive technical knowledge, skills and experience
  • Engineers / MCAs with MCSE/CCNA certifications
  • Exclusive, Fire-walled Lab set-up for each Client
  • Robust Scalable Infrastructure from leading providers such as Cisco & Nice
  • Flexible, Slice-n-Dice Reporting and Web-based Administration
  • Round-the-clock, multi-lingual and multi-channel support
  • Internal Labs for Simulation and Strong Focus on Training
R Systems Automated Technical Support Services Portfolio
R Systems Automated Technical Support Services Portfolio
R Systems Integrated Back Office Services Delivery Platform
R Systems Integrated Back Office Services Delivery Platform
Back Office Services
Our Services Include:
  • Payment Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Transaction Processing
  • Back Office RCM
    • Scheduling
    • Eligibility & Verification
    • Preauthorization
    • Provider Credentialing
    • Claim Creation
    • Coding
    • Claim Submission
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Claim Payment Management
    • Claim Denial Management
  • HRO
    • Manpower Planning
    • Sourcing and Screening
    • Interview Scheduling
    • Offer Management
    • Pre / Post Employment Verification
  • Data Processing
    • Data Entry
    • Data Assembling
    • Data Validation
    • Data Classification
    • Data Summarization
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Reporting
R Systems offers a comprehensive range of back office services that helps organizations work more efficiently and cut down their operational costs. Through integrated systems, processes and automated work flows, our back office services enable economic and efficient performance of back office operations, while aiding informed decisions-making, better inter departmental coordination, and superior customer service.

Our back office services draw extensively on our process transformation expertise, in-depth domain know-how, custom-built automation tools and web-based applications. Driving in higher speed, accuracy, transparency, and performance, our integrated service delivery platform enables organizations efficiently meet their back-office goals and compliance requirements.

Besides value-added services, such as analytics and business intelligence, our services create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients through faster turnaround time, round-the-clock business days and greater business outcomes.

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Our Methodology
Our Methodology
Business Process Transformation
Engaging Our Business Process Transformation Team:
A team of dedicated
process experts is assigned
The team performs all
critical tasks required to
transfrom the process
Continuous process
analysis and innovation
to address changing business needs

Our Differentiators
  • Over 10 years of extensive experience in business process transformation
  • Proven expertise in transforming and transitioning complex business processes to an outsourcing model
  • Dedicated teams of process experts with in-depth know-how in lean six sigma methodologies, process analysis and engineering
  • Specialization in automating business processes using intelligent systems, custom-built technology solutions and inventive tools
  • Structured analytical and re-engineering process driven by extensive contact center experience
High-performing organizations count on smarter processes to drive productivity and performance. They leverage streamlined and automated processes to efficiently serve their customers and meet their strategic, operational and financial goals. R Systems helps such high-performing organizations with its end-to-end business process transformation services.

Drawing upon our rich Six Sigma legacy, best practices, technology, and analytical capabilities, we reinvent the business processes of our clients for improved outcomes. We leverage our exceptional process insights to identify key performance drivers and re-design the existing processes using the right mix of technology and Lean & Six Sigma methodologies.

Whether you are considering to outsource a non-core business process or transform an existing business process weighed down by old technology and legacy systems, R Systems’ dedicated team of business process experts can help you. Our process engineers can analyse and re-engineer your existing business processes to enable process excellence, improve customer experience and cut operational costs.
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Right Channeling
R Systems’ Right Channeling is a proven solution to deflect customer inquiries to more cost-appropriate channels and control contact center call volume. Depending upon the value and complexity of customer inquiries, the solution spontaneously deflects them to inexpensive channels, leading to improved customer satisfaction and significant costs saving. Our Right Channeling solution is uniquely designed to help organizations make informed choices for multi-channel communication that support their business goals and customer expectations.
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Without dropping the interaction continuity, Right Channeling; enables handling customer inquiries through:
  • Web self-service
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Voice self-service (IVR)
  • Phone
  • A readily available solution that can be easily integrated with the company’s existing website
  • Proactive deflection of customer inquiries to more appropriate and cost-effective channels
  • Ability to support customers through a perfect balance between phone and web self-service support
  • Integrated channels to ensure interaction continuity and resolution of every inquiry in a satisfactory manner
  • Web self-service support through comprehensive FAQs, featured articles, and knowledgebase
  • Personalized and contextual interactions
  • Accurate and consistent information across all channels
  • Reduced overall support costs
  • Improved quality and speed of customer service
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Optimized revenue
  • Exceptional customer experience across multiple channels
right Channeling The Customer Interaction
right Channeling The Customer Interaction
R Systems’ Extended Application for Reverse Logistics (EARL) is an effective web-based returns management and reverse logistics solution that helps organizations better manage returns and RMA operations electronically to provide a superior level of customer service. Our solution liberates organizations from the old and error-prone manual system of returns handling.

EARL allows automated submission and tracking of returns and managing the entire lifecycle of a customer's case from the initial issuing right through the complete returns management process. One of the ultimate benefits of using EARL for organizations is to get a real-time visibility into the product throughout the supply chain for better customer expectations management and regulatory compliance.
  • Better traceability and customer satisfaction through real-time visibility
  • Decreased operating costs through integrated and standardized processes
  • Electronic Inventory management, RMA for service parts, and repair management
  • Online knowledgebase on RMA process and self-help option for RMA status tracking, which leads to reduced customer phone calls and emails
  • Support for audits and compliance
  • Easy to use, flexible and configurable solution, which can be easily customized and integrated with the organization’s existing website
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently define and adapt business rules and workflows
  • 24/7 access to knowledge, support and RMA services
  • Cost-effective and easily customizable solution
  • Comprehensive and ad-hoc reporting on all issues and return activity within a short span of time
IVR Solution
As part of our integrated contact center offering, our IVR Solution empowers organizations deliver prompt, accurate and personalized services to customers, while reducing cost per call. It enables customers self-solve their basic issues, while allowing customer service representatives to handle more complex and critical cases. If customers do not want to wait in a queue to speak to an agent or during out-of-the office hours or holidays, our IVR solution provides an option for call back. With personalized menu options and support in varied languages, our customized IVR solution helps organizations improve customer experience and significantly cut down the cost of customer service.
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  • Intelligent call routing based upon skills, priority, and availability of agents
  • Easy integration with ACD and CRM
  • Pre-recorded IVR scripts for business days & non-business days
  • Entirely automated information retrieval and delivery
  • Advanced networked enterprise voice mail system
  • Enables customers to quickly self-solve basic issues
  • Flexibility of creating call flows and business flows
  • Hold music and welcome messages with menu prompts for greetings, announcements, sales, and advertising
  • Decreased cost per call by allowing customers select the type of help they want, such as self-service or speaking with an agent
  • Detailed Reporting in customized formats covering details around call volumes, talk time, etc.
  • Ability to serve multiple locations with one IVR Application
  • Faster development and accelerated time-to-market
  • Secure and reliable solution
  • Rapid and easy to modify operating hours and holidays
An Integrated IVR System
An Integrated IVR System
Workflow Automation Solution
R Systems' Workflow Management System allows organizations to efficiently manage workflows through automated tasks assignment and tracking. It links together tasks, resources and internal operations to optimize process speed, visibility and administration. Combining high performance and rich functionality, our Workflow Management System allows real-time assessment and identification of process status, pipelines, blockades, and scope for improvement, with extended monitoring and reporting capabilities.
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  • Easy customization to define workflow as per the needs of the organization
  • Automated batch assignment, tracking and reporting
  • Accuracy, TAT Tracking and new updates on all accounts
  • Ability for daily query management and daily, weekly and monthly reports on pending/unbalanced batches
  • Ability to check, resolve, and respond to unbalanced batches online
  • Process dashboard to track performance and identify errors in real-time
  • Root cause analysis to detect the root causes of errors and timely put preventive measures in place
  • Built-in quality management system to track quality metrics and ensure process performance
  • Productivity reports, including accounts, transaction, and production
  • Centralized knowledge repository with a feature to retrieve batch specific data
  • Better workflow administration
  • Improved compliance
  • Quicker response times
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness
  • Transparent workflows with continuous document tracking
  • Long-term data retention
Workflow Automation Solution Components
Workflow Automation Solution Components
R Systems Healthcare BPO Services
R Systems applies its unique approach of integrated BPO offering, while delivering BPO services to Healthcare clients. Through an integrated service delivery platform that combines our automation tools, unique solutions, and experienced professionals, we provide high-quality, efficient and cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services for healthcare organizations.

Our end-to-end RCM services, including both back office and front office services, enable healthcare organizations improve the quality of customer service, effectively meet regulatory compliance, and realize a distinct competitive edge, while significantly cutting down the cost of the entire RCM process.
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Our end-to-end RCM services include:

  • Medical Coding
  • ICD9 & ICD10
  • Coding Audits
  • Coding Denials
  • Medical Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Demographics Entry
  • Preauthorization
  • EFT/ERA Processing
  • Claims Creation & Submission
  • Adjustments
  • Payment Posting
  • Denials Capture
Our Differentiators:
  • Global Delivery Model ( Onsite, Offsite and Hybrid) for cost-efficiency and round-the-clock support
  • Dedicated teams of highly skilled RCM professionals, including AAPC certified coders, graduate/post graduate billers and accomplished AR follow-up specialists
  • Process experts with 10+ years of operations and transition experience in handling complex and diverse offshore projects in the healthcare domain
  • Exclusive workflow management system for the RCM process
  • Integrated service delivery mechanism
  • Extensive experience in building healthcare applications, including practice management system design, integration and support
  • Expertise in database administration/conversion, integration and reporting (PM & EMR)
  • HIPAA compliance and stringent quality standards in place
  • Greater visibility into the process through web-based administration and reporting tools
Provider Services
Payer Services
HealthTech Services
R Systems BPO Services for the Financial Services Industry
R Systems provides an expert array of BPO services for the Financial Services Industry, while ensuring the highest level of integrity, privacy and security. Top banks and financial institutions trust us for providing outstanding customer care to their customers, optimizing revenue growth, and complying with regulations.

Our offerings for the financial services industry are built on our rich industry experience, technology strength, and analytical capabilities, and primarily include customer service, technical support, managed support services, back-office services, and customized application development & implementation.
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We offer expertise in analytics for banks and financial institutions. Our analytics services equip organizations with actionable business insights and help them align their business operations with their customer needs and expectations. With a deep understanding of the business context, we provide custom-built solutions that suitably meet the business expansion and revenue goals of financial organizations.

Our Differentiators:
  • Deep domain expertise and rich experience of working with top banks and financial institutions
  • Proven expertise in customer experience management
  • Extensive experience of transforming business processes
  • Speedy collections and dispute resolution through automated workflows and integrated systems
  • Customer data management and specialized analytics services for banks and financial institutions
  • Strong focus on data security and confidentiality with certifications in ISO and PCI DSS
  • Built-in quality controls and robust governance mechanisms for improved customer satisfaction
  • Real-time reports and analyses through process dashboards and automated tools
Our Services Portfolio Includes
Our Services Portfolio Includes
R Systems BPO Services for the E-Commerce Industry
R Systems is a one-stop-shop for e-commerce players, looking for industry-specific BPO and contact center services and solutions for their unique needs. Our services are focused on providing a holistic support to the e-commerce industry, while helping the industry players keep the costs low, expand customer base and drive revenue growth.

With our rich experience in delivering award-winning services to distinguished brands, we understand that a differentiated and top-notch customer service goes much beyond the individual transaction and leads to a long-lasting customer relationship and brand advocacy.
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Our ability to offer integrated BPO services, combining process transformation services, front-office services, back-office services, analytics services and IT-enabled services, makes us unique and a desired partner for e-commerce organizations. Through enabling technologies, unique solutions, and unparalleled end-to-end e-commerce process expertise, we deliver value beyond cost to organizations in the e-commerce space.

Our Differentiators:
  • Deep domain expertise and specialized services for the e-commerce industry
  • 24/7 customer support across diverse time zones and geographies
  • Multi-lingual and multi-channel customer care (SMS/web chat/email/social media/voice)
  • Global Delivery Model (onshore, offshore and hybrid engagement models)
  • Flexible pricing models to suitably meet the client budget and business needs
  • Redundancy, scalability and strong data security controls with certifications in PCI-DSS and ISO
  • Strong capabilities in analytics tools, reporting and monitoring
  • Robust quality standards and continuous improvement methodology
Our Services Portfolio Includes
Our Services Portfolio Includes
The telecommunications industry is under a constant pressure to find new ways to retain customers and build brand advocacy. With constantly evolving technologies and ever-increasing competition, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) need to leverage technology and analytics-driven services to meet their customers’ expectations with optimum costs.

As CSPs are striving hard to acquire and retain customers, we enable them realize their goals through our world-class customer service offerings, which are enabled by our unique solutions, analytics-driven insights, and inventive tools. Our integrated customer service delivery platform transforms the way CSPs handle their customer experience, while improving customer satisfaction, bringing down the cost of operations, and enabling effective churn management.
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Our offerings for the telecommunications industry are comprehensive and broadly encompass customer service, technical support, managed support, back-office services, technology-enabled services, and analytical services for revenue assurance and fraud detection and prevention.

Our Differentiators:
  • Global contact center expertise and over two decades of experience in real-time communications
  • Experienced resources with deep telecom domain knowledge
  • Global delivery model through on-shore, off-shore, and hybrid
  • Significant costs saving for clients through an integrated BPO solution
  • Strong technological competence for technology-enabled process automation and standardization
  • Predictive analytics services to identify potential churn customers and retain customers
  • Highly automated and advanced quality management system for consistent and impeccable service quality
Our Services Portfolio Includes
Telecom services
R Systems BPO Services for the High-Technology Industry
R Systems is strongly positioned to meet the specific needs of the high-technology sector, with over 20 years of rich industry experience. Our offerings, for the high-technology sector, encompass provisioning end-to-end services, including technical support, customer support, managed IT support, data mining and analytics, application development, maintenance and support, product release support, and returns and RMA management.

We offer expertise in high-end NOC support and value-added services like data analytics, network performance optimization and tuning, and customer retention and support. Through our dedicated support teams, intelligent technology systems & tools, and automated processes, we quickly respond to a customer’s unique situation and provide immediate support.
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Our Differentiators:
  • Multi-channel technical support ranging from basic troubleshooting to high-end proactive and pre-emptive support services
  • Managed Support services for diverse operating systems, applications and servers
  • Multi-lingual support and multi-channel customer experience management
  • Expertise in managing all stages of a product lifecycle
  • State-of-the-art monitoring tools and a robust troubleshooting methodology
  • Flexibility and scalability of team size & structure
  • Cost savings and improvements through continuous process standardization, IT-enablement and automations
  • Right Hiring (Engineers / MCAs with MCSE/CCNA certifications)
  • Right Training (Covers network protocols like UDP, TCP, ICMP; and Windows, Linux OS & firewall management)
Our Services Portfolio Includes
Hightech Services
Our Technology Expertise Spans
Our Technology Expertise Spans
Technology Expertise
Our Differentiators :
  • Well-established centers of excellence around all major technologies
  • Employees with strong technological background and extensive industry experience
  • Certifications in SEI-CMMi level 5, PCMM Level 5, ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 27001 : 2013 and PCI-DSS
  • Utmost protection, privacy and security of confidential data
  • Robust physical, communications and IT infrastructure
  • Global Delivery Model ( onsite, offshore and hybrid )
  • Solutions delivered with a high-degree of time and cost predictability
  • Best practices and a systematic approach to offshore software delivery
  • Web-based administration and project management tools
Contact center technology is continuously evolving, so do we. With our leading-edge contact center applications and automation tools, we help organizations transform the way they function. Our custom-built technology solutions and services are precisely designed to provide unmatched flexibility, scalability and speed to organizations, while enabling them to elevate customer service and experience.

With our strong competence around recent advancements in application development and integration, we offer expertise across all major technologies. Combining this technology expertise with our proven software development process, we provide world-class software solutions and services to our clients in their respective business domains.

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Integrated Global Delivery Model
Integrated Global Delivery Models
Integrated Global Delivery Model
Our Differentiators :
  • Globally integrated network for unmatched scalability and integrity
  • High availability infrastructure with built-in redundancy
  • Multiple sites (US & Offshore)
  • MPLS-based contact routing – Higher Uptime & Network Stability
  • Grade IV Secure Data Centers
  • Round-the-clock support from the R Systems’ global teams
  • Economical solutions delivered through an integrated global delivery model
  • Risk reduction and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Effective, 24/7 managed services
R Systems seamlessly delivers BPO services and solutions to clients from multiple global locations using its integrated global delivery model. The model deeply draws on our global workforce, process rigor, tools and mature methodologies to provide highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective services and solutions to global organizations.

With our integrated global delivery model, we are able to offer low-cost options to our clients, along with the benefits of global talent, faster turnaround time, regulatory compliance, 24/7 coverage across diverse geographies, and unmatched operational efficacy. Enabled by standardized processes, technology and training across all our global locations, we offer the right mix of onshore, offshore and hybrid solutions that suitably meet the client’s business needs.

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Global BPO Centers
Indian Headquarter
R Systems International Ltd.
C-40, Sector 59
Noida 201307 (UP)
Tel: (+91) 120-4303500
Fax: (+91) 120-2587123
United States
R Systems Solutions Inc.
Metro Annex Building 9,
Suite B, 1193 West 2400 South,
West Valley City,
UT 84119, U.S.A.
Tel: 801 – 481 – 4600
Computaris Romania SRL
Bucharest office
Str. Gheorghe Manu, Nr. 5, Parter,
Camera 2, Sector 1, Bucuresti,
Cod. 010442, Romania
Tel: +40 21 204 5200
Fax: +40 21 204 5201
Computaris Polska sp z o.o. Warsaw office
Okopowa 47,
01-059 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 869 5040
R Systems International Ltd,
Singapore (ECnet)
16 Jalan Kilang, #04-01 Hoi Hup Building,
Singapore 159416
Tel: +65 6785 5266
Fax: +65 6785 0525

Contact Details:

+1 8447797276 / 8557797276